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Home Infusion (IV) Therapy in Las Vegas

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Home IV therapy is a comfortable alternative to receiving infusion care in the hospital.

Following a stay in a hospital, our specialized team of licensed and certified nurses provides support to a patient’s healthcare provider and primary caregiver in administering quality IV treatment at home.

Our goal is to manage a patient’s pain and discomfort so that they can gain independence in their care and decrease the need for costly hospital stays for chronic and acute conditions.


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What Is Home Intravenous Therapy?

A safe and effective choice when oral medication isn’t an option.

Intravenous therapy, or IV therapy, means inside the vein. It is the infusion of liquids directly into a vein of a patient through a hypodermic needle. Essential fluids are stored in a flexible, plastic bag that is suspended from a pole for administration to patients who are bed bound. Below the bag is a drip chamber, which can be calibrated to make the fluids flow faster or slower into the patient. Additional liquid medications can be added to the IV as needed.


There most common types of intravenous therapies include:

  • Pain management – Administering medications designed to relieve pain.
  • Antibiotics Therapy –  Used to treat severe bacterial infections.
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hydration Therapy
  • Total Parental Nutrition (TPN) – For patients who are malnourished or who cannot receive feedings or fluids by mouth.

Patients may receive a multitude of medications and fluids through IV therapy given at different times of the day or night to help them heal.


Home IV Care: Treatment for Acute and Chronic Conditions

Your loved one may suffer from a large variety of ailments that can’t be treated effectively with oral medications. In such cases, their physician may recommend IV therapy.

Conditions that often require IV treatment at home include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Cancer
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Chronic diseases
  • Infections resistant to oral antibiotics
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Nurtrional/Gastrointestinal deficiencies
  • Chron’s disease
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

A licensed and certified nurse, such as a registered nurse (RN), partner with caregivers and their loved ones to administer infusion therapy to patients from the comforts of their home.


Your Las Vegas Home IV Therapy Support Team

We will help you every step of the way. Our staff of skilled home iv infusion nurses is highly experienced in their field. They give the same care to a patient at home as they would in a hospital setting, but can provide a homebound person their undivided attention while they are at their bedside.

In addition to this, our team ensures the ordering and proper delivery of IV medications and equipment to your home.

We want to ease your worry while providing optimal care. If you’d like more information about our intravenous therapy services, please give us a call at 702-222-0733.

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