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In-Home Skilled Nursing Services in Las Vegas

At-home nurse care for hospitalization recovery, rehabilitation, and healing in the comfort of home.

Sometimes, an injury or illness takes much more ongoing care than received in the hospital. In addition, a home is a much better place for healing than any hospital. In these situations, a doctor will likely recommend home health care from a skilled rehab nurse. The path to recovery starts at home.


Begin In-Home Health Care from a Skilled, Registered Nurse

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We Offer Skilled In-Home Nursing Care for Medicare Patients


Skilled Home Nursing When You Need It

Our skilled nurses are registered and licensed and have several years of experience in caring for patients. They carry out all the doctor’s orders with compassion to help patients in much of the same way that nurses at hospitals do. For a recent injury or illness, this type of in-home care may be an alternative to a hospital stay.

Many types of specialized occupations in the home care field that fall under the term “skilled nursing.” For example, your care plan may include working with:

  • Licensed nurses to help with injuries and wound care.
  • Speech therapists to improve communication and pronunciation after a stroke.
  • Physical therapists for rehabilitation after an injury or accident.


We Provide a Broad Range of Rehab Nursing Services

Our nurse practitioners carry out daily tasks such as dispensing medication, performing IV therapy as needed, or handling wound care and changing bandages. Some skilled nursing services can be used for patients who have long-term health concerns to manage their condition, while other patients only take advantage of nursing services temporarily as they heal.

Some of the conditions our registered nurses provide care for include:

  • Chronic illnesses
  • Injuries
  • Tracheotomy and ventilator care
  • Insulin therapy
  • Pain management as stated in a patient’s clinical care plan from their physician

In addition, help is available for patients who need counseling with financial difficulties, access to community resources, or help with coordinating medical equipment and supplies at home.


At-Home Nursing Care Available When You Need It

Our skilled nurses are available 24/7 and dedicated to providing best patient care possible. Whether the patient needs full-time care every day or simply need nursing specialists to drop by a home intermittently to provide support and advice during the healing process, we’re here to offer caring support.

We provide skilled nursing services for almost any medical situation.


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Medicare plans are accepted.
We’ll get you on the path to coordinating care, whether that includes going over your insurance options or crafting a Medicare skilled nursing program.

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