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Providing individuals with treatment to speed up the healing process, bring comfort, and increase their quality of life.

Our in-home wound care treatment that can speed up the healing process and bring immediate comfort to a patient.

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What Are Wound Care Services?

Millions of Americans experience chronic wounds due to various health conditions, which is disheartening when you are trying to recover from illness. Thankfully, there are practitioners who specialize in providing individuals with treatment to speed up the healing process, bring comfort, and increase their quality of life.

Unfortunately, when individuals have medical problems such as diabetes, circulation issues or autoimmune diseases, there might be difficulties for their sores to heal, resulting in infections or dead tissues.

Wound Care Services is a specialty program providing highly skilled nurse clinicians trained in treating wounds. These professionals will address the infected area, prevent recurrence, and discover how your overall health is contributing to the healing process.

The Goal of Wound Care

Chronic wounds manifest in a variety of ways including:

  • Ulcers
  • Bedsores
  • Surgical lesions
  • Radiation sores.

When these wounds fail to start healing within a two-week period, there might be an underlying problem. This is when it would be wise to consult a home health care service to discover why your body is having trouble with the natural process of repairing itself. They take a swift course of action such as examining, measuring and checking your circulation to see if the affected part is receiving blood flow.

After making the assessment, a nurse will then clean and apply wound care products or devices to the sores. These types of products come in the form of skin protectant solutions, compressions, gels and collagen. They are especially created for non-healing wounds.

An individual’s diet and lifestyle are part of the process in getting the body to mend, so there will probably be a discussion in regards to medications, alcohol, smoking and exercising along with other essential information.

In the end, the nurse clinician will monitor the progression of the wound and continue to communicate with the patient’s physician. With proper attention, the wound has a good chance of healing.

Who Provides In-Home Wound Care Services?

Many hospitals, clinics and medical centers are offering home wound care services. With the help of these services, an individual can easily transfer from being an in-patient to living in the comfort of their home. The nurse will come to the residence to continue the wound care solutions the person was receiving in the hospital.

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